Sastre_Abogados_presentacio_2SASTRE ABOGADOS was founded in 1953 by the brothers Antonio and Jaime Sastre Bosch. During the first years they specialised in civil law, and administrative and fiscal matters. Since then, Sastre Abogados have broadened their expertise and embraced other legal fields, while still maintaining its family structure. It is now a multi-disciplinary law firm based in Palma de Mallorca, working mainly in the Balearic Islands.

Today, the firm has five lawyers, an economist and an extensive network of legal professional partners, both in Spain and abroad. This network can deliver an efficient service on the Balearic Islands and throughout Spain and the rest of Europe.

Its members, with a deep knowledge of all legal matters, are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields.

A fully committed and diligent administrative team offers support to the legal team.

Our main goal is to provide a quality service by employing the experience, efficiency and proficiency of each one of the specialists in the firm.

Sastre Abogados has adapted to the constant changes introduced by new information and knowledge-management technologies. It has achieved this by enhancing and complementing its traditional working tools.

Our commitment to in depth analysis of all cases, absolute dedication, teamwork philosophy, and quality of service is the reason our clients place their trust in Sastre Abogados.

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